Nevada Poker

The state of Nevada has always been popular with gambling. In fact the first thing that you can think about when you hear the state’s name is Las Vegas, which is the top destination for US gambling. Under these circumstances it started to make perfect sense to bring life once again to the online poker and online casino gambling in the state of Nevada. This is now possible thanks to the new laws that are allowing the online gambling websites to offer their services but only after they manage to get a license from the states officials.

The online poker Nevada has started to see a little bit of success right from the day one. Many of the 2.7 million residents of the state have joined the sites that managed to get a license. Even if this number might be considered by some online gambling experts not to be enough to sustain a large number of online poker rooms, the fact that the state receives a great flux of gamblers that are also tourists is most definitely going to be able to make the numbers look a lot better. In fact right now the online poker NV has just received the 3rd poker site that has joined forces and started to offer their services legally in the state of Nevada. Furthermore, currently a betting bonus 2018 is available to sweeten the deal.

The Nevada online poker site that manages to attract one of the largest number of players and had a big success ever since it was launched is WSOP, one of the first legal online poker sites from the state of Nevada that opened its doors back in September 2013 and that. The website is owned and operated by the very well-known gambling group: Caesars Entertainment Corporation and the name of the site are basically the initials from World Series of Poker which is the world’s most popular live poker tournament. All these things will set up the premises for one of the best legal online gambling experience that you can get in the state of Nevada. Read more about poker in Nevada at Nevada Poker Kid.

The WSOP is a Nevada internet poker site that is able to offer its players 4 different poker games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Razz and Lowball. Thanks to the nice variety of the games available, this site can be considered to be at the moment the one that holds the best variety of games compared with the other two sites that are available out there. The limits at which the cash games from WSOP are available are situated between $0.01 / $0.02 and $5 / $10. 

The rake you have to pay while playing the cash games at WSOP poker room is situated at 5%. This might be considered to be a lot for the online poker industry, compared to the international websites out there, but it will prove to be a decent rake, especially if you take into consideration the fact that this is a legal US poker room. Top Nevada casinos all look to Superior Casino as an online example of how to treat customers right. The best customer support online!

At the same time in case you are a big fan of the tournaments there will be plenty of options available and here we mean the guaranteed tournaments where there are prizes worth up to $25K for the big Sunday tourney and there are also the sit and gos and the freerolls waiting for you. The tournaments are most definitely a great way to boost your bankroll right from the start as the competition is still soft and if you have enough experience and knowledge about poker you will have absolutely no problem cleaning up. And don’t forget there’s also Allfreechips free slots no download available too.

When you register for this online poker Nevada site, you will not only get the great opportunity to start playing legal poker in United States, in case you are located in Nevada, but there is also probably one of the most rewarding online poker experience that is available at the moment out there.

There are some great guaranteed prize tournaments that can bring to the table prizes of up to $25K and there will be freerolls and satellites. Tons of them. This means that almost every time that you join this online poker site you can find some big tournament or a freeroll to join, if not you can just stick to the cash games that can prove to be just as fun.

Another positive thing about WSOP is the fact that you will get many chances of winning seats at the WSOP events. The site is just packed with different satellites that take place all the time and that can offer you the chance to participate at the world’s most famous live poker event in the world.

The site software is still rather basic and it’s no match to what PokerStars, GCLUB or Full Tilt Poker had to offer few years ago, but they are most definitely one of the strongest option for legal online gambling in United States. This means that it can be considered to be the best way you can play poker right now. Everything is backed up by a company that has been around for more than 75 years. In Sweden there’s this blackjack-

The online gambling regulators from NV said that will start publishing the figures regarding the revenues that occurred, ever since everything started, at the beginning of March. For example the state of New Jersey has already published some figures that show more than $9.5 million were made by the online poker sites during the month of January.

It’s quite difficult to compare what is happening at this moment with the online poker industry in the United States with what it used to be before the Black Friday of Poker from 2011 or before the UIGEA legislation was passed in 2006.

In case you are wonder whether is it legal to play poker over the internet in Nevada well the answer is yes, but only if you register for the sites that are licensed by the state. There are three different online poker websites available at this moment that are welcoming the US players and this leaves you with quite a nice choice of places where you can play your favorite game.